Getting Blaster Fit


I’m Joe.  I made this blog to share my journey to Get Blaster Fit with anyone who would like to do the same.  My goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to transform your body and life.

Before we get any further, I’ll be up front and let you know I’m a strong advocate of the Blake Blaster squat trainer, and attribute a lot of my personal fitness progression to this device.  Here’s me at my heaviest (245), and after losing my first 50 pounds.


Now I’m not saying the Blaster will make you lose 50 pounds right away.  I’m sure if you’re reading, you understand that improving your health and changing your body is a lifestyle commitment.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone a little (but that’s a good thing!) to see the results you really desire.

So then why do you need a Blake Blaster?

Well, like most things in life, you can’t expect to do everything yourself and still get the best results possible.  Do you think top athletes and fitness models create their own diets, workout plans, etc.?  If it’s not obvious, the answer is no; they literally have teams of professionals to do this stuff behind the scenes.

Moral of the story, unless you have unlimited access to a personal trainer every time you workout, you are probably not getting the best results you could be.  There are thousands of different exercises out there, from simple squats to double-spiral downward dog leg lifts.  Chances are you’re not going to be able to perform most of these exercises properly.

While this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal now, (I mean, you’re still feeling the burn, right?), I assure you this is THE BIGGEST REASON that you are not at the level of fitness you want to be.

Improper form will almost always lead to some form of injury.  Even if you’re not off by much, the slightest deviations will lead you to develop and embed bad habits every time you work out.  Bad form and posture habits in the gym can cause you to perform every day activities inefficiently, because you’ve trained your body to work this way.  Over time, you will start to experience chronic soreness, fatigue, and other negative health issues.

All hope is not gone yet.  Chances are you didn’t even realize these bad habits forming, because if you did you would have stopped them by now.  Well just as easily as the bad habits were formed, you can change them to proper, efficient muscle memory with the Blake Blaster.  Getting in your best shape ever isn’t as hard as you think.  I honestly bet you’ve tried just as hard, if not harder, than what’s necessary. But, if you’re efforts haven’t been in the right place, your energy has probably hindered more than it has progressed you.  Trust me, I know this feeling, and know it’s enough to demotivate you and throw you into a funk that seems impossible to get out of.  But rally up enough ambition for one more push to reach your fitness goals; I assure you this time will be worth it.  Your Blake Blaster squat trainer can be taken with you anywhere, from your local gym, to your office, to a backpacking trip across Europe.  It’s extremely easy to use, and once you understand it, you’ll see it improve every aspect of your life, by developing proper muscle memory, and training you to get the maximum benefits of every thing you do.

Ready to Get Blaster Fit™ with your new Blake Blaster squat trainer and travel gym?

You’ve come to the right place.  The Get Blaster Fit™ page will be your best friend as you start and continue your journey to get in the best shape of your life.  Here you’ll find an abundance of resources like Blake Blaster workouts, tips on improving your form, motivational stories, and everything you need to truly Get Blaster Fit™


Ready to get started?  Click on the Blaster below!


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